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Suveg Cellars 2014 Blueberry Thrill Wine

On May 17, 2014 we crushed one quarter ton (500 lbs.) of freshly picked blueberries. Each 100 pounds of fruit was back sweetened with 40 pounds of pure cane sugar and six pounds of sun dried raisins. After initial inoculation of an aggressive bayanus yeast on May 18th, primary fermentation was complete in 19 days. The press on June 9th yielded 111 gallons of juice which was racked to stainless steel tanks. After further racking, filtering and fining, we anticipate bottling 2/3 of the wine Labor Day weekend. The remaining 1/3 will be laid to rest in small Hungarian oak barrels.
While our first vintage was sold out in under six months, the 2014 vintage holds exceptional promise and we eagerly anticipate it's release.
Our 2014 Blueberry Thrill is once again crafted in a late harvest style, slightly sweet with a residual sugar (RS) of .024 and an alcohol by volume of 15.2%.
Enjoy room temperature or chilled, over vanilla ice cream or paired with dark chocolate for a truly decadent experience!

The following is excerpted from an article posted at whfoods.comwhfoods


In terms of U.S. fruit consumption, blueberries rank only second to strawberries in popularity of berries. Blueberries are not only popular, but also repeatedly ranked in the U.S. diet as having one of the highest antioxidant capacities among all fruits, vegetables, spices and seasonings. Antioxidants are essential to optimizing health by helping to combat the free radicals that can damage cellular structures as well as DNA. We recommend enjoying raw blueberries — rather than relying upon blueberries incorporated into baked desserts — because, like other fruits, raw blueberries provide you with the best flavor and the greatest nutritional benefits.
As one of the few fruits native to North America, blueberries have been enjoyed by Native Americans for hundreds of years. They have also enjoyed great popularity around the world in cuisines from Asia to the Mediterranean. For more on the Healthiest Way of Preparing Blueberries, see below.

What's New and Beneficial About Blueberries

Health Benefits

In the popular press, blueberries have reached superstar status in terms of their unique health benefits. While we prefer to think of all the World's Healthiest Foods as rightful superstars, we can understand many of the special accolades being given to this wonderful berry. Most health research on blueberries involves their phytonutrient content. Anthocyanins - the colorful antioxidant pigments that give many foods their wonderful shades of blue, purple, and red - are usually the first phytonutrients to be mentioned in descriptions of blueberries and their amazing health-supportive properties. While it is true anthocyanins are pretty spectacular when it comes to blueberries and their support of our body systems, there are actually a wide variety of health support phytonutrients found in blueberries. Here is list that spotlights some of the better studied of these blueberry phytonutrients:


Virtually all of the above-named phytonutrients function both as antioxidants and as anti-inflammatory compounds in the body, and they are responsible for many of the well-documented health benefits we get from regular consumption of blueberries.