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Spring/Summer 2015


Greetings Suveg Cellars wine club fans!

We have lots of of exciting news
to share with you. The winery just returned from spending a week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for some much deserved rest and relaxation. You are invited to check out the pictures on our website and/or visit us on Facebook.

While vacationing, we received the results of the Los Angeles International Wine Competition. For 76 years, this competition has showcased the finest domestic and international vintages through a wine tasting event that is considered by most to be one of the most prestigious in the entire United States. An esteemed panel of judges uses a blind tasting method maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism which remains as the competition's cornerstone.

This year, the competition received 3,003 wines from 987 wineries across 22 countries. In our first international competition we earned several distinctions. Our 2013 Viognier (Lodi ) won bronze, our 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon (Temecula Valley) earned silver and our 2013 Syrah, Table Dancer.(Temecula Valley) was awarded a gold medal with 94 points!!

On June 4, 2015 we received the results of the Orange County Wine Society Commercial Wine Competition. This event is the largest and most comprehensive judging of California wines in the entire world. This year, 2,427 wines were judged by 73 professional winemakers and/or winery principals . Our 2013 Barbera (Temecula Valley) was awarded a silver medal while our 2013 Sauvignon Blanc(Lodi) was awarded a bronze medal!

Last, but certainly not least, we earned a bronze medal for our blueberry wine in the Inland Empire Wine Competition this past March. That makes a total of eight award-winning wines in two years!

Our Spring/Summer 2015 Wine Club pick up party was held on June 6, 2015 for our 140+ wine club. This catered event featured live entertainment as well as a chocolatier and of course our award-winning wines.

"International" is certainly not just synonymous with our awards. Our recent distinctions have generated international interest as well . We recently were approached by a local Redlands, California trading company with interest in shipping our wines to China. Currently, we have pending negotiations to ship our wines to at least one resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Our 2014 vintages are shaping up quite nicely with several barrels of Mourvedre, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah all tasting wonderfully.We look forward to this year's harvest with great anticipation and are especially excited to introduce both Dolcetto and Montepulciano to our Italian selections . We continue do lots of vineyard consulting work and relentlessly
pursue our vision of an American Vinticultural Area (AVA) for the city of Yucaipa.


Fall/Winter 2014

Season's greetings everyone!

Harvest is finally behind us and the good news is that we made it! After many long, hard days and nights (16 hour days were not uncommon), we managed to produce what we hope to be another banner year of exceptional wines. Given the drought affecting southern California, we were about 6 weeks ahead of the curve, busy crushing grapes by early September. Generally speaking, lack of hydration tends to increase the concentration of sugars which results in higher alcohol wines but decreases the overall volume of fruit produced. Theoretically, of course.
Our first crush on September 18 was one ton of Mourvedre which yielded 144 gallons of juice which set a record for yield of any single varietal thus far. Talk about bang for your buck! Brix, the percentage of sugar by weight in a grape measured 23.5 by refractometer and hydrometer with a ph of 3.94 adjusted to 3.64. ABV was measured at 14.9. So much for theory. TA 0.75 (g/100ml), VA 0.039 (g/100ml) and RS 0.08 (g/100ml). Other than working with a stuck secondary fermentation, this wine shows great promise and will be bottled both as a single varietal and blended with our 2013 Syrah.
Although mildew decimated most of Temecula Valley's Roussanne crop this year, we managed to obtain 60 gallons of juice complements of Hart Winery for which we are very grateful. At 12.2 ABV and a pH of 3.45 that juice is destined to be aged exclusively in new medium toast small (28 gallon) Hungarian barrels for 12 months with the hope of earning another distinction. Perhaps gold this time?
Fortunately, Barbera is harvested based on acidity, not sugar. Our half ton of Temecula Valley fruit crushed on September 24 yielded 69 gallons and has been relatively easy to work with. So far. It's origin is the Piedmonte region of northwest Italy and will surely serve as a nice complement to our 2011 Sangiovese, it's Tuscan brother.
September also marked the exciting release of several new wines. We introduced our Italian line (finally!) with our 2011 Sangiovese with sourced fruit from yes, the Sierra Foothills. This wine was featured in the October 2014 Wine issue of the Inland Empire Magazine as one of southern California's finest wines. With only 37 cases produced, this is a highly extracted wine with deep color and notes of pie cherries and is now available at Jake's Italian Bistro in Yucaipa.
We also released our 2013 Viognier (54 cases) and our 2013 Sauvignon Blanc (48 cases) with fruit sourced from yes, Lodi. Both wines are drinking quite well now with the Viognier especially popular in the tasting room.
Last but certainly not least and returning by popular demand is our Blueberry Thrill. On May 17 we crushed 500 pounds of blueberries sourced from Watsonville, California which yielded 104 gallons of juice and 68 cases of blueberry wine bottled in 375ml bottles, all uniquely hand dipped in wax. This is an essentially bone dry (.024% RS) wine at 15.1% alcohol. We will be entering this wine under the fruit wine category at the LA County Fair in February 2015. Wish us luck!
Our second pick-up party and catered event on December 7 was quite festive and lots of fun with a turn out of approximately 60 members- double the amount since October! We extend the warmest THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your dedicated support and continued inspiration. Without you, we would not be possible.
We usher in the New Year with great anticipation. January 2015 promises to be very exciting as we bottle the south barrel of our 2013 Syrah and one barrel of our 2013 Temecula Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. And not a moment too soon. With our award winning 2011 Syrah now completely sold out and only 6 cases of our 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon remaining, the cavalry will hopefully arrive just in time.
Finally and most importantly, from the Suveg Cellars family (Craig, Karen, Jay, Ron, Mike, Preston and Amy) to yours, we wish you the gifts of peace, joy and friendship during this most wonderful and magical season. CHEERS!

Spring 2014 Newsletter

Hello Suveg Cellars wine club fans!

Spring is officially here. The vineyards are finally awake and are in full vigor once again. Our little "social climbers" know that only the very best of them will ultimately wind up in a Suveg Cellars bottle. The vines were pruned back hard in early March this year, much later than usual with buds observed by late March due to the exceptionally mild and dry winter. On April 29, 2014, 50 more Cabernet Sauvignon vines (FG003-p) were planted on estate grounds.

In early March, Suveg Cellars did some consulting work for an individual who is currently living in Norway but owns approximately 40 acres just south of Wildwood Canyon Road in Cherry Valley. She has expressed interest in planting the acreage with vines and perhaps establishing a winery. Several other consultations were done with private landowners wishing to introduce "backyard vineyards" into the mix. Is an American Viticultural Area, or AVA designation destined for Yucaipa?

Our wine currently aging in small 36 gallon Hungarian oak barrels is progressing quite wonderfully. We all breathed a sigh of relief when all Brett cultures were returned negative. Brett, short for Brettanomyces bruxellensis, is a rogue yeast which although might be the heart and soul of some types of Belgian beer spells trouble for wine by throwing off  a wide range of unpleasant barnyard or medicinal aromas. Volitile acidity, usually expressed as VA, was measured between.052-.055 in all wines demonstrating very good oxygen management while pH was in the 3.5-3.6 range for all red wine. Free S02 levels continue to be carefully and constantly monitored. Showing exemplary promise is our 2013 free run Syrah which will be bottled in distinguished fashion Winery sanitation and proper additions of SO2 are the keys to managing Brett.

We are extremely excited to introduce six of our 2011 vintage wines to the Orange County wine competition to be held in Costa Mesa, California in May.This is our very first commercial entry so wish us luck!

On April 19 Suveg Cellars hosted the Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce Spring Mixer at the winery. Needless to say, our wine poured "freely" complimented by great company.We are also proud to announce the participation of our wines in the 2014 vintage Redlands food and wine pairing on May 2 and at the Yucaipa Music and Arts Festival "Taste of Yucaipa" on May 3.

Finally, we look foward to Memorial Day weekend in which we will be crushing 500 pounds of blueberries for our Blueberry Thrill late harvest desert wine which we plan to release Labor Day weekend - just in time for apple season in Oak Glen!


An Invitation

We invite you to visit our tasting room which is open by appointment only. And, of course, we hope you enjoy the wine as much as we enjoyed producing it.


Craig Suveg

Winter 2014 Newsletter

Hello Suveg Cellars wine fans! Wine is finally in the barrel and harvest 2013 is now complete. We harvested our Estate Cabernet Sauvignon in mid-October as well as sourced out fruit from other local vineyards in the Temecula Valley. Despite a late harvest year with average yields the quality was absolutely superior !

A Long Journey Toward a Fine Wine

All of the fruit we use at Suveg Cellars is carefully hand-picked into bins and then weighed. The clusters are then processed through our de-stemmer and lightly crushed. They are then dumped into either large open top plastic fermenters or stainless steel fermenting tanks. After primary fermentation has completed, the wine is considered dry and ready to press. We use a 1 ton bladder press to gently press the remaining juice from the skins and berries. Our red wine is then sent through a second slower fermentation process called malolactic fermentation. After secondary fermentation is complete, the wine is racked into new and lightly used Hungarian oak barrels imported from the Zemplen forest in Hungary for its 12 to 18 month journey toward a more refined and palatable product.

Wine is like a young child

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We have a long road ahead of us that will keep us busy well into spring. Wine is like a young child: it requires constant attention! With great anticipation, we look forward to sharing this year's vintage with you.

An Invitation

We invite you to visit our tasting room which is open by appointment only. And, of course, we hope you enjoy the wine as much as we enjoyed producing it.


Craig Suveg