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Winemaking Education

Red Wine Making

All our fruit is hand harvested, carefully sorted, crushed and destemmed before being moved to a mix of open top stainless and  plastic fermenters. The must is inoculated with native yeasts and during fermentation pumped over, punched down or the cap submerged into the fermenting juice 2-3 times per day. After 10-14 days, the primary fermentation is complete and the wines then often undergo an extended maceration for another 14-21 days in order to promote color extraction. The red wines are then racked into new or seasoned medium toast Hungarian oak barrels where they will complete their secondary fermentation. 

All our red wines as well as a portion of our Roussanne are aged 12-24 months in oak barrels exclusively from world class oakwood, the legendary Quercus petraea/Sessile, a slow growing oak due to it's premium mineral content of the soil indigenous to the Tokaj-Zemplen forest of Hungary. Winemaker Craig Suveg is of the opinion that more and more winemakers are beginning to realize the potential of using Hungarian oak and is impressed by the consistent quality and outstanding craftmanship of the Zemplen oak barrels. He feels that Zemplen oak allows the more subtle grape flavors and aromatics to emerge in a more harmonized fashion producing exceptional results.

Finally, the spring after harvest, the red and white wines are blended. White wines are generally returned to stainless steel to settle and more fully integrate while our red wines are racked back into barrels and aged for an additional year.